Welcome to the Ebook Download Page!

From this page you will be able to download a multitude of ebooks as well as the program to read them. Follow the instructions below to download and begin reading!



Download & Install Adobe Digital Editions

There are many eBook reading software packages available. If you do not already have a preference then follow the directions in this section:


Download selected ebooks (or the entire collection at once)

It is recommended that you save your ebook files into a new folder so that they can be kept organized. Create a folder on your desktop called "ebooks" and save your file there.

To download individual ebook files you may click on the following link. From that page you may browse and download the individual books you wish to read.

Click this link for individual books.

To download the entire collection of books as a Zip file you may click on the following link. This file os over 200Mb in size, so you should expect a longer download if you are using a slower internet connection. Please note that you will need a program such as WinZip to "unzip" the file and extract the books.

Click this link for the entire collection at once.

Once you have downloaded (and extracted the zip file if you downloaded the collection) you are ready for the next step.


Import your new ebooks into Adobe Digital Editions

Adobe Digital Editions (henceforth to be referenced as ADE) is a very simplistic application so do not expect the world from it. It does one thing really well and this is to display ebooks.

The import process is simple but it can take a while to complete (especially if you are importing the entire collection at once).

These screenshots were taken using an Apple computer, but even if you are using windows; once you have ADE open it will look something like this...

ADE Empty

Once the program is open you should be able to simply drag and drop your ebook files from your "ebooks" folder (remember it is on the desktop) to the big black area of ADE.

This is where the import process can take a long time. If your computer (or ADE) seem to not be doing anything, don't panic, give it a few minutes. This process could take between 5 and 30 minutes depending on the speed and age of your computer.

When the import process is complete your ADE window should look something like this...

ADE Library



If everything has gone as expected then you are ready for some ebook reading. Simply double-click on the book of your choice and the ebook should open for your reading pleasure.

ADE will allow you to bookmark pages and organize your books. I will not cover how to do that here, but you can refer back to http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/ for more information.