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About Les Atkins

Thank you for visiting my website. I am Les Atkins. I am an experienced technology professional with nearly 20 years of experience with many various I.T. disciplines. If you or your company are looking for expert I.T. services then look no further.


Below is a list of the services I offer. If you have a specific requirement that is not on the list then please contact me. Just because it is not on the list does not mean that I can’t get the job done for you.

Websites & SEO

If you need a simple information site or a full fledged e-commerce store; I have the experience and know how to make it a reality. Allow me to help you increase your website traffic by improving your search engine rankings with Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.


With 20 years of experience in the IT field I have installed and configured many networks in both small and medium-sized businesses. I can install network cables, routers & switches, and configure firewalls. I can get your network up and running in short order. If you are having network troubles I can troubleshoot and repair as well.

Server Installation

If you need a new server or domain installation then I can help. I can install a new Windows, Linux, or Mac server and configure it to suit your needs. Basic file servers, media servers, domain controllers and more are possible for your home or business.

PC Diagnostics & Repair

Allow me to help get your PC, Apple, and Linux workstations running smoothly again. No problem is too tough!


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Is Your Business Getting Everything It Can From Social Media?

Check out this great article from Forbes. If you are not getting everything you should for your business through social media then contact me. I will help you… http://www.forbes.com/sites/sujanpatel/2015/06/24/how-businesses-should-be-using-social-media-in-2015/


The Four Horsemen: Amazon/Apple/Facebook & Google–Who Wins/Loses (Scott Galloway)

Here is a great video from DLD15 where Scott Galloway discusses statistics and trends related to retail powerhouses. Greate info for you business…


Don’t Lose Next Year’s Budget!

The year is moving toward a close and you haven’t updated your business’s website.  Despite budgetary constraints due to a suffering market; many businesses find that they still have the funds to improve their internet presence.  Also, most medium to large-sized businesses know that if you don’t use the funds in your budget […]

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